SATURDAY / 13.08, 22.00 – 22.30 / Lucio Capece / Park

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13 August / SATURDAY / 22.00–22.30 / Park

LUCIO CAPECE Sanatorium Dźwięku 2016 fot. Tomek Ogrodowyczk
LUCIO CAPECE Sanatorium Dźwięku 2016 fot. Tomek Ogrodowyczk
LUCIO CAPECE Sanatorium Dźwięku 2016 fot. Tomek Ogrodowyczk
LUCIO CAPECE Sanatorium Dźwięku 2016 fot. Tomek Ogrodowyczk
LUCIO CAPECE Sanatorium Dźwięku 2016 fot. Tomek Ogrodowyczk
LUCIO CAPECE Sanatorium Dźwięku 2016 fot. Tomek Ogrodowyczk

Lucio Capece – “Space Tuning-Conditional Music”

Presentation of the Piece.
Space Tuning-Conditional Music. Sokołowsko version.

I record the sound of the Space during the previous day of the performance. In this case it will be an open air space during the night, the same time that my performance will happen the day after. I place a microphone inside cardboard tubes of differing dimensions. The resonance inside the tube gives to the recording certain pitches. I build with this pitches afterwards, a sort of long tones melody. The length of the tones makes it ambiguous to redefine this aspect of the composition: it can be considered a long tones melody or a changing drone.

I deduce the harmonic spectrum of these pitches. In this case the tubes that I will use will offer me as pitches, some of the resonant frequencies of the room where the piece will be performed. The initial piece is played live via a PA system including a subwoofer, the chosen spectral frequencies are played in sine waves, as well as occasional white noises by three wire less speakers hanging from three big balloons filled with Helium.I attach also to these balloons small propellers that make them move in circles.
In a central section of the piece I will play only the sine waves and a slide saxophone. A rudimental amplification of the room itself will be done using a cassette walkman in recording function as a microphone, amplified by the flying speakers hanging from the balloons.

– Length 40 min ca. Video


Lucio Capece
Argentinian musician based in Europe since 2002, specifically in Berlin since 2004.
Capece followed education as a classical guitarist and jazz saxophonist. Since the late 90 ́s he offered music in the context of Electro Acoustic Improvisation. Since 2011 he dedicates to offer mainly works focused in the Perception experience, that he performs mainly in solo and in the context of occasional collaborations based in the same interest. He composes his own pieces that may include improvisation and different ways of writing. He uses tools like Flying Speakers hanging from Helium Balloons, Speakers as Pendulums, Analog synthesiser, Sine Waves and Noise Generators, Drum Machines, Ultra- Violet Lights, Sensors as much as the instruments that he has played for 25 years: Bass Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone. He has also written compositions for Ensembles working the same aspects in the context of traditional Instrumentations.
He has performed in this context in spaces like The Cathedral of Bern (Zoom In Festival, 2012) The Mambo Museum in Bologna (Live Arts week 2012),the German Pavilion built by Mies Van der Rohe in Barcelona, the Halle d ́Expositions built by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel in Evreux, France ( L ́Atelier series) the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin, and the Colón
Theatre in Buenos Aires where he offered an interactive installation for children.
Beyond instrumentation and tools, the main intention is to focus in the physical-social-spatial human experience.
Capece has played and released CD ́s and LP ́s with musicians like Radu Malfatti, Keith Rowe, Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm, Lee Patterson, Christian Kesten, Sergio Merce, Toshimaru Nakamura, Robin Hayward, Taku Sugimoto, Julia Eckhardt, Axel Dörner, Burkhard Beins, among others.
He has released Cd ́s and LP ́s in labels like B-Boim , Mego Editions
( Austria), Another Timbre, Hideous Replica, Entr ́acte, Leaf ( UK), PAN ( Germany), Potlatch, Drone Sweet Drone (France), Formed ( USA), Mikroton , Intonema (Russia), Organized Music from
Thessaloniki ( Greece), No Seso ( Argentina), etc
As a performer he has worked with Pauline Oliveros, Peter Ablinger, Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, Christian Wolff, Phill Niblock as part of the Ensembles Q-O2 from Belgium, and Konzert Minimal from Berlin, together with the musicians Johnny Chang, Koen Nutters and Hannes Lingens.