Open Scores – an illustrated lecture by Piotr Tkacz |April 23rd | the multimedia room of the International Laboratory of Culture

We would like to invite you to the multimedia room of the International Laboratory of Culture in Sokolowsko (the former Dr Brehmer Sanatorium complex) for “Open Scores” („Otwarte Partytury”) – an illustrated lecture by Piotr Tkacz. The lecture will take place on Sunday April 23rd , 7 p.m.

This is the first event announcing this year’s edition of the Sanatorium Dźwięku experimental music festival. The lecture is part of a micro-residence program taking place at the Sokolowsko Laboratory of Culture. Piotr Tkacz will take part in this year’s edition of the festival.

Piotr Tkacz Partytury otwarte

The lecture program will consist of performance of open text scores. Presented, will be older works by artists associated with Fluxus, which will be interspersed with more recent compositions by composers from the Wandelweiser collective. Through this compilation the author wants to encourage reflection, on how the artistic approach towards open scores has changed over the decades, what purpose they serve, and what they make possible.

Piotr Tkacz (born 1985) – improviser, organizer, DJ. He was published, among others, in „Czas Kultury”, „Glissando”, „2+3D”, „Dwutygodnik”, „Fragile”, „Jazz Forum”, „ M|I”. He is the host of „Zasypywanie kanonu” on Radio Afera. Involved in a number of initiatives such as the series „Za Duszno”, the FRIV improvised music festival, sound workshops, Nasłuch aktywny/pasywny. He is a member of a number of bands, including but not limited to: Kurort, Radioda, Revue svazu českých architektů, Stupor, Tkacze, Lata, Sumpf. He has also recorded with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Seiji Morimoto, Herman Müntzin and Pascal Battus. He is interested in open scores (text as well as graphic) both from a theoretical and practical point of view. He has performed at the Malta Festival, Ostrava New Music Days, Animator, Musica Electronica Nova. He gave guest lectures at The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and the Kulturhauz community center in Toruń. He is also a DJ, currently performing under two stage names: DJ 2 Left Hands and DJ Viagem ao Fim da Noite.