Valerio Tricoli 1-14.06.2016 Artist-In-Residence Sanatorium Dźwięku Sokołowsko


Valerio Tricoli // resident of the sound residency program A-I-R Sanatorium Dźwięku Sokołowsko

The aim of Valerio Tricoli’s residency is to prepare a chamber opera based on the diaries of Pierre Schaeffer, the creator of musique concrète and one of the most imporant figures for the music of the 20th century. Schaeffer’s work is usually perceived in the context of recording and composition of recorded material – he is the first person to systematically map out the possibilities available to composers in recording studio. His diaries, however, reveal that his ambitions were fuelled by a different motivation. Schaeffer really wanted to create a total instrument, one which would enable live performances of music that sounds like everyday life. Because the possibilities were limited in the 40s, Schaeffer utilized recordings to solve the problem. Today we have the means to fulfill his ambitions. Valerio Tricoli intents to create a chamber opera that brings back Schaeffer’s original ideas and tells a story of its realization. For this purpose Tricoli, an expert on modern musique concrète, together with Daniel Muzyczuk and curator Michał Libera, will prepare a libretto based on Schaeffer’s diaries, record it on tape and prepare a musical performance with the use of recordings. The residency’s final result will be the composition of an open piece for a libretto based on Pierre Schaeffer’s diaries – for live performances.

Valerio Tricoli (1977) is one of the most important figures of the modern musique concrète, a composer, performer, sound installation artist, improviser, and maestro reel-to-reel tape recorder instrumentalist. His works relate to reality and virtuality of sound, the various forms of sound reproduction, and the problem of memory with regards to the mentioned subjects. According to Tricoli, musique concrète is forever suspended between “here and now” and the shady domain of memory – distant, but at the same time present, similar to a deja-vu experience. Tricoli is also one of the key people behind the prominent experimental music record label PAN. He collaborated with artists such as Jerome Noetinger, Robert Piotrowicz, Antoine Chessex and Werner Dafeldecker. His pieces were played on the stage of the legendary Transmediale in Berlin as well as many other festivals all over the world.


A-I-R Sanatorium of Sound 2016 is a residency program for composers, improvisers and sound artists, creating a platform for contemporary music and broadly understood sound art. One of the program tasks is to support new, creative curatorial practices relating to the topic of sound and music, as well as the search for meaning in the intersection of art and technology.

The invited artists will take part in a two-week residencies in Sokołowsko, which effects (such as compositions, sound installations or theoretical works) will be presented also at the third edition of the Sanatorium of Sound Festival, held in Sokołowsko on 12-14th August 2016.

Artists invited to AIR Sanatorium of Sound 2016: Keith Rowe, Michael Pisaro, Olivia Block, Valerio Tricoli, Alessandro Bosetti, Mario de Vega, Martin Howse, Stephen Cornford.

Curators of AIR Sanatorium Sound 2016: Gerard Lebik, Michał Libera, Zuzanna Fogtt.

The program is run in within the Artist-in-Residence Program A-i-R Wro, part of European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016.

Artist-in-Residence Program A-i-R Wro is co-financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.